About Fame In A Frame

We are a small team at Fame in a Frame but a dedicated one! Our aim is to provide authentic memorabillia to the masses, as well as providing free of charge silent and main auctions for charity events and sportsman's dinners. The auction side of our company is extremley important to us, as we know from our personal experience how tricky it is to fundraise effectivly.

Shaun's son Max has Cerebal Palsy, and spent over a year fundraising to get the £20,000 to get Max an operation that would enable him to walk. Ed's son Charlie, and Anna and Matt's nephew has a condition called SMA type 2 , which means he will never be able to walk, and the only mobility he can have is through a powered wheelchair. He embarked on the long journey to raise the £19,000 for this wheelchair. Both Shaun and Ed were unable to receive funding from the NHS for their children, this only encouraged them to relentlessly fundraise until they could give their children the gift of mobility.

Thankfully Max's operation has been booked and Charlie now has his wheelchair. They used various small and large fundraising methods to acheive this but through the experience they had, they learnt that finding high quality donations is no small task. So once we realised our collective experience of previously working with memorabillia and events would be of use to not just ourselves but also others, Fame in a Frame was born.

We all came together in May 2011 to try and make a business that also enables various organisations to have access to quality, authentic memorabillia in order to make as much as possible for their cause. That is why we provide our silent and main auction services completley free of charge, and also offer other fundraising tools such as raffles and Heads or tails. We Offer our entire services free of charge, and give 20% of everything we make to the organisation.

If you too are involved in fundraising for a charity, or your local sporting club then give us a call and see how our auction service could benefit you.

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